Tech Update w/ Mahdi - Issue #0



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Mahdi Taghizadeh
Mahdi Taghizadeh
Hi there 👋
Welcome to issue #0 of Tech Update with me, Mahdi! I’m calling it issue #0 as I’m not sure about the structure of it yet but for now I’ll collect the things I find interesting and useful during the week and send an issue out on Saturday so you can summarize the tech world from my eyes at the beginning of your weekend!
Let’s get started!

Some of the most iconic 9/11 news coverage is lost. Blame Adobe Flash!
PostgreSQL: Trademark Actions Against the PostgreSQL Community
Refind: A cleaner way to summarize your RSS Reader!
Try this technique to learn just about anything (even the complex stuff)
Soccer Powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain Names as Cryptocurrency Partner
Microsoft indefinitely postpones return to U.S. offices as Covid cases surge
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Mahdi Taghizadeh
Mahdi Taghizadeh @mahdi

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